Marco Zoppi Opere d'arte in Trust
Marco M. Zoppi

Dear Customer, Dear Professional,

My family has been involved in finance for three generations: my grandfather and father were commission agents on the Milan stock exchange through the family finance company since 1934. Following experiences in major international banks, I wanted to follow my family’s tradition by founding my own company in Zug (CH), which today has offices in Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Hong Kong.

The company’s original “mission” was to protect and preserve the assets entrusted by its customers. With this objective, the company has specialized in international taxation, working in close collaboration with prestigious Italian, Swiss and Chinese universities, which ultimately translated into repeated prize recognition by independent manager associations.

With the evolution of the market context, the company moved its focus to develop trust services, offering its customers a fundamental tool for the management and protection of assets conferred over time, up to the transmission of the same to the designated beneficiaries. To guarantee and protect this delicate generational transition, I wanted to create a trust company that could boast requirements, authorizations, and controls at the highest level: guaranteed segregation of client- and corporate assets,  articulated internal succession, external audit, and subject to government regulations.

Dynamism and cutting-edge solutions have always characterized my work in finance, as well as that of my family. I, therefore, wanted the company to offer innovative solutions, anticipatory of market trends. Today I believe that the alternative investment sector, especially in the real economy, represents an excellent opportunity for customers. With this vision, by combining expertise in various fields – financial, legal, and tax – we are promoting the creation of club deals that invest in the leading economies’ SME environments, characterized by important growth prospects. Club deals are highly customized tools, offers transparent investment process, from the vehicle’s establishment to the identification of the targets, up to the divestment of equity investments. In this new challenge, we are supported by banking institutions of primary standing, which act as depositories as well as paying agents.

All these “pluses” put our clients in the best conditions to ensure, for them and their heirs, an exceptional level of protection and growth of their assets.

Marco M. Zoppi