Investments in the real economy: decorrelation with financial markets and greater transparency

Global Capital Trust provides services to its clients as an arranger in the constitution of investment club deals. Club deals are investment vehicles that group investors for specific equity investments in the real economy or real estate sectors. Small and medium-sized enterprises in the leading economies have high growth prospects, offering some of the market’s highest returns.

Through the club deal, customers get a high degree of personalization of their investments: they select the object of the investment in advance, they enjoy full transparency on management, they have control rights.

Global Capital Trust provides services related to the establishment, organization, and operation of such vehicles by exploiting its varied expertise in financial, legal, and tax matters.

Global Capital Trust selects the best professional partners on the market based on the scheme’s characteristics and the object of the investment. It exercises investors’ rights on a fiduciary basis, carrying out control and guidance activities on the investment.

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