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Presentation of services related to the new regularization procedure Voluntary Disclosure II


In the light of the important experience gained in the management during the regularization procedures of the first Voluntary disclosure (Act of 15 December 2014, N ° 186) and our international presence in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, the Bahamas and Panama, Global Capital Trust is able to offer high level of accuracy and professionalism in the management of the new Voluntary Disclosure, offering its customers the full regularization process in three phases through one global partner.

First phase

Collection of the necessary documentation for the procedures of calculation and regularization

With the experience gained from the first VD we realised the extreme complexity that characterizes the phase of the collection of the requested documentation. The collection of this information has to be implemented in close collaboration with custodian banks in order to obtain the exact the documents necessary for the calculation.

Depth knowledge of the procedures, the proprietary financial calculation system and the direct presence within the local institutions are the basic skills we can put at the disposal of the clients.
The necessity to visit personally and sometimes repeatedly the private bank in order to obtain the correct and precise documentation to be used for the procedure of regularization isn’t rare indeed.
For these reasons, only a company with experience in the VD calculations and physically present with offices and qualified personnel in the countries concerned with the procedure may be best placed to offer a precise collection of data and highly professional service.

Second phase

Financial and supplementary report calculation

Thanks to the experience gained during the previous Voluntary Disclosure and a software dedicated to the calculation, (see picture) Global Capital Trust is able to carry out in Switzerland all services related to the second stage of the procedure with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.

  • Processing of the data collected
  • Preliminary calculation of taxes
  • Interview with the customer in order to draft the supplementary report.

Third phase

International fiscal advice aimed to elaborate the most efficient solution for the Client, following VD

Thanks to the experience of our international tax specialist we identified a number of benefits for the protection of the assets, tax optimization and estate planning offered by the possibility of maintaining the regularized assets abroad.

With the purpose of analyzing in depth these important opportunities our company will undertake the task to prepare tailor made opinion for each of your interested clients.

Anita Veress on Voluntary Disclosure